Leonard lasry


As a New York Icon since the late 70’s, Maripol is a photographer, stylist and fashion designer. This winter she released MARIPOLA X, a book of erotic photographs from her personal collection mixed with poetry.

Roughly 200 Polaroid photographs compose a colorful set of sensual and erotic visual memories, and reveal with much joy and innocence what happened behind closed doors in 1980s New York City. Maripol also shares a selection of 69 of her poems, written over the course of two decades, presented here in French and in english.

Two of her poems, « Tuesday » and « Passion in the desert » have been transposed into pop songs performed by Maripol with the wave of a magic wand due to Léonard Lasry who has composed and produced a powerful musical project.

Available on itunes. Cd collector available at BOOKMARC-MARC JACOBS and on LE LIVRE ART PUBLISHING

To read : MARIPOLA X featured in the T, NEW YORK TIMES

After a signing coktail at BOOKMARC MARC JACOBS and a wonderful party at Up&Down, the celebration ended at Baron Chinatown, where the “Tuesday” video directed by Thalia Mavros has been introduced for the first time.