Leonard lasry


5 seductresses, personalities of fashion, art and music have inspired 5 duets by Léonard Lasry. Starring : Jane Badler, was the heroin of the cult TV series “V” in the 80’s, and she has since done a few excellent albums over the years… The last one titled “Opus”, just recently came out.
Elisa Point, is a Parisian figure who is well known for her unique cinematic song writing.
Marie France, night egerie from the Paris “Palace” years, was also a muse in a lot of Pierre & Gilles pictures… She is now playing in “Muglers Folies”, the “ManFred” Thierry Mugler musical show. Maripol, is an essential staple of the downtown New York scene, as well as a stylist, designer and queen of the Polaroid pictures, long before the Instagram years…Ines Olympe Mercadal, is a young accessories designer, (the daughter of the Mercadal dynasty) and this is her debut project in music.

This EP has been mixed by the Grammy Award winning Jeff Bova, known for his work with Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder…